Sunday, April 8, 2007

Using Compass AE to Compete in the Global Economy

Democratization of information has cause a flattening of hierarchies and the ruthless drive for efficiency that capitalism demands.

In the global economy, emerging companies competes against Global 1000 companies. Their only edge is their size and speed. They must be efficient due to a limited timeline and budget.

With Compass AE, the project team becomes technically efficient.

When a team collaboratively builds and connect with their Tangible Vision, the more effective they become.

Compass AE also enables the team to perform the following:
* Recognize opportunities and seizing it without hestiation; and
* Adjust to changes.

The larger objective of the Compass AE is "to provide a set of principles that enables a team to build a 360 degrees view of their goal and their plan.

It will be useful in any future leadership situation that calls upon the team to connect desired ends with available means."

# # #

Another objective of this process is to aspire the team to "look around every degree of the compass in order to make sure that no aspect that can affect the outcome of an entire people has been neglected."

Strategywise, Compass AE is a comprehensive plan of action, based on the calculated relationship of means to large ends. It is never an exact science. The Compass AE requires constant reassessment and adjustment.

In unpredictable times, flexibility is key. Our process allows the implementers to adjust to changes without interruptions.

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Regardless of the "value chain" status of your company, ask the following questions:
"... Are your project teams running efficiently?
" ;
" ... Are they able to recognize opportunities and seizing it without hestiation?";
" ... Are they able to adjust to changes?" and

" ... Is your company ready to take on Global 1000 companies"?

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