Saturday, April 7, 2007

Collaborating in the Global Economy: Does your Global Team Connect!?

Food for thought: Does technology help or totally debilitates online meetings?

We believe our Compass AE methodology handles the problems described below.


Peter Whitehead, editor of FT Digital Business, wrote in the November 8 issue: "One great hope for saving the planet from ecological catastrophe is that technology will enable business people to travel less, reducing aircraft emissions and the number of towels and sheets washed by hotels. Meetings can be 'virtual', with teams collaborating via work rooms, instant messaging, video-conferencing, and the like. I recently saw Adobe demonstrate its latest online meetings software, for example, and it looked perfectly feasible. But a recent piece of research by occupational psychologists Pearn Kandola, carried out for Cisco Systems, suggests that computer-based communication is vastly inferior to face-to-face interaction between members of a team working together. The researchers found that virtual teams neglect the need to socialize to establish trust and understanding. With non-verbal cues accounting for 63 percent of meaning in face-to-face communication, the report says the main problems of virtual teams are an over-reliance on e-mail, a failure to respond to messages ('virtual silence'), and inappropriate modes of communication."

/* The solution is a strategic process, not the technology. Compass AE provides a platform that allows a team to collaboratively build and connect with their Tangible Vision while learning about the mind set of their teammates. As a Compass AE team collaboratively builds, connects and leads with their Tangible Vision, they develop a bond of trust and understanding. */

The writer will examine this topic in depth and ask whether the solution is to get flying again or to get the technology to deliver a more all-encompassing package.


How do you get them to collaborate as a team? While technology connects people, it is a good process that gets people to collaborate regardless of the distance, the technology and the project culture.

Our Compass AE methodology
is a team collaborative approach that.emphasizes on advanced planning. It enables the project team to use the Tangible Vision component to plan their goal and strategic overview. They are always collaboratively prepared for all situations. The team understands what are the specific priorities, the particular approaches and the different circumstances that could occur.

A properly-built process enables the project implementors to effectively utilize the technology in specific situations. Without a process, technology is only effective in limited situations.

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Gibson said...

How about an article to emphasize that collaboration is a social problem, and not just a technical problem?


Thanks! It is coming in my new white paper.