Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Trademark of an "Out of the Box" Strategist

To prevail against a static or an active system, the "Out of the Box" strategist focuses on a balance of indirectness and directness.

One can approach his or her challenge with a balance of efficiency and creativity by using Sunzi's The Art of War and the other Chinese strategic classics as the technical foundation.

A Compass team of implementers begins by assessing the grand picture. Then, they position themselves with a "top down" plan and preparation. Finally, they implementing their Compass plan with the capability to adjust on certain situations.

By using our Compass AE process, you are able to do the following:
  • Focus on the current objective while minding the Tangible Vision (the big picture);
  • Avoid negative circumstances while focusing on positive circumstances;
  • Maximize opportunities;
  • Adjust strategically;
  • Shape the Tangible Vision; and
  • Lead with strategic leadership.
By following your strategic dispositions, you can make better decisions. You will stay on course and complete your goal regardless of the circumstances.

Does your current strategic system enables your team to do that?

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Rick said...

My boss quoted a former boss of his the other day. "We'll entertain thinking out of the box once we see some competency thinking in the box."

C360 Consultants said...

Some people do not know what competency thinking is.