Thursday, March 26, 2009

Compass AE: A Strategic Decision Guide for All Seasons

Someone recently asked us, " What can our Compass AE process do for their company?"

Compass AE is a strategic decision guide that enables a project team to do the following:
  • minimize costs;
  • mitigate risks;
  • maximize opportunities;
  • accelerate delivery; and
  • ensure quality.

By looking at their project from a top down view of their goal and their objectives, t
hey are able to see the technical connections between the milestones in terms of costs, risks, opportunities, accelerated dates and ensured quality.

If the team makes a strategic decision regarding to the above points, they would know which of the five values would be directly affected.

Our strategic process is not dependent
on the technology, the project management process, the project culture and the distance.

In a future post, we will talk more about the basics of the Compass AE.

If you are interested in knowing more about our Compass AE process, please contact us at service[aatt] collaboration360[ddott]com


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